Coralpalooza unites science and tourism.

On June 10, Coral Nurture Program researchers, local tourism operators, and volunteers eagerly prepared for a day of intensive coral planting on the Reef at Whitsundays, Cairns, and Port Douglas marinas.

They looked like vacationers heading out for a day of relaxation without their Coralpalooza 2023 shirts. CoralpaloozaTM is a global day of collaboration to restore reefs and increase climate resilience. 

Australia joined the global initiative for the first time this year. 

Nine operator vessels carried 56 divers to 13 sites in the Whitsundays, Cairns, and Port Douglas, planting 6,726 coral fragments, surpassing the planned aim of 4,000.

This diverse team has one goal: to improve the Reef. The Queensland-invented CoralClip® was used to plant each coral piece swiftly and successfully.

The first coordinated, intensive community initiative to plant corals across numerous sites may now inform capacity-building and research.

Coral Nurture Program experts from the University of Technology Sydney will study these areas to better understand how coral planting affects reefs and marine life.

This will guide future reef recovery efforts at high-value reefs. CoralpaloozaTM began in 2014 when the Coral Restoration FoundationTM recruited recreational divers to restore significant amounts of coral in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for World Oceans Day.

Australian School and Club Fundraising (ASCF) has supported thousands of schoolchildren in color runs to raise money for our Reef, allowing us to participate in CoralpaloozaTM 2023.

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