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Do your habits harm bones?

Are your habits promoting brittle bones? Daily practices may weaken bones and increase osteoporosis risk.

This article addresses ten typical bone-weakening practices and how to avoid them. Our skeleton needs exercise like our muscles.

Sedentism—not walking, jogging, or weightlifting—degenerates bones. Physical inactivity harms.

Bone mass decreases and fracture risk increases with inactivity.

Daily weight-bearing and resistance activities improve bone cell development and density. Calcium makes bones.

Insufficient intake reduces bone density, increasing fracture risk. Bones need calcium-rich diets.

Kale, almonds, and tofu are calcium-rich dairy replacements. They supply much of this bone-building vitamin.

Many need morning coffee. Caffeine reduces calcium absorption, weakening bones. Moderate caffeine is good.

Limit coffee to 2-3 cups daily to prevent bone loss. Excessive alcohol usage may reduce calcium and vitamin D absorption, although moderate use may not.

Excessive drinking may disrupt the liver's vitamin D activation and calcium balance, which are important for bone health.

Vitamin D from sunlight boosts calcium absorption. Sunlight deficiency reduces calcium absorption and bone density. Sunlight helps bones.

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