Elizabeth Holmes' two-year sentence reduced

Federal officials say Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos' disgraced CEO, may be released nearly two years early. 

Holmes, who was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison for scamming investors in her blood-testing fake, has apparently behaved well in the first six weeks. 

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons expects her release on December 29, 2032, 9 1/2 years after her sentence began. 

She could be released early under the federal government's "good time" criteria if she follows the regulations. Legal experts believed Holmes may be released in nine years after her sentence. 

"Privacy, safety, and security reasons" prevented the Bureau of Prisons from explaining Holmes' estimated release date. 

"Every inmate earns good conduct time and is projected in their projected release date," The Associated Press said Tuesday. 

Ramesh "Sunny Balwani," Holmes' longtime lover and top Theranos lieutenant, is also on pace for an early release.

From his almost 13-year jail sentence after being convicted of 12 charges of fraud and conspiracy last year in a separate trial. 

The Bureau of Prisons estimates Balwani's release on April 1, 2034. Nearly 11 years after his Southern California prison sentence began. 

Holmes and Balwani, 57, are appealing their convictions to get out early. Holmes and Balwani faced separate trials for a scheme to promote Theranos' blood-testing device as a medical breakthrough. 

Theranos became a Silicon Valley sensation, raising roughly $1 billion from investors and giving Holmes a $4.5 billion fortune based on her 50% stake.

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