Eye Makeup for Droopy Eyes

Distinct eye shapes and characteristics require distinct eye makeup applications.

Droopy eyes look worn and old, therefore they demand particular makeup procedures. 

This post is for dressing up and looking awake and refreshed. Read on! Droopy eye makeup tips are simple. 

Eye makeup can make you look younger. You look rested. A liquid concealer will retain eye makeup all day. 

Use a cosmetic sponge to softly dab and blend around the eyes. Apply from the lash line to below the brow for greater coverage. 

For long-lasting, silky concealer, apply priming first. Drooping eyelids require careful eye makeup color selection. 

Dark hues age the eyes, so get light to medium tones. Use neutrals, browns, taupe, and other light colors. 

Use shiny or glossy colors to hide drooping eyes. Blend a light shade over the lid from the inner to the outer corner. 

Use a little deeper shade and softly contour the eyelids. Start just above the droopy place and proceed towards the outer border to form a wing shape. 

Blend gradually toward the outside and top. To brighten droopy eyes, use white or silver highlighter under the brows. 

To see more natural, blend with the crease shadow. Black liquid liners are harsh on droopy eyes, so use a pencil liner or a fine wet brush to apply eye shadow as eyeliner. 

Use a dark shade without strong lines. Smudging the line improves attractiveness. For larger eyes, go slightly below your bottom lash line.

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