Five mental health superfoods include bananas and chamomile tea.

What you consume affects your mood and your neurological system's effectiveness. Processed and sugary foods raise blood sugar and stress.

Nutrients can relieve stress and make life easier.  Stress management is best achieved through nutritional intake.

Stress increases your requirement for minerals such as vitamins B and C, selenium, and magnesium.

Research backs this. Certain meals reduce stress and relax the body and mind. This article discusses five mental health-boosting superfoods.


Folate & vitamin B6 in bananas help produce serotonin, which improves mood and reduces anxiety. Bananas provide B vitamins.


Due to their magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin B2 levels, almonds reduce stress. These boost serotonin, the "happy hormone," synthesis.


Ashwagandha is recognized for reducing anxiety and tension. For a restful night's sleep, consume ashwagandha-flavored tea before bed. This herb lowers the stress hormone cortisol.

A2 Milk

A2 Milk has more vitamin E and beta carotene since grass-fed cows generate it. Antioxidants minimize inflammation and oxidative stress.

Chamomile tea: 

The body's natural production of serotonin and melatonin is stimulated by chamomile tea, which induces calm and relaxation.

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