Five tried-and-true oral hygiene tips

Oral hygiene is lifelong. However, with the healthy daily routines experts propose, you can comprehend oral hygiene. 

Healthy teeth and breath are lifelong commitments. Even if someone compliments your teeth, you must still brush every day. 

Reconsider your dental "date" if you keep postponing it. We rarely realize that dental care is essential to good health.  

Diabetics and cardiac sufferers are most susceptible. Pregnant women who disregard oral health can have issues.

Manipal Hospitals, Kolkata dentist Dr. Dhiman Banerjee advises about oral hygiene and its importance in daily living.

The mouth harbors germs. Without adequate brushing, these germs might grow, creating health hazards.

Dr. said they can enter the bloodstream in severe situations, causing health issues. He said the bacterial lung infection affects diabetic and cardiac patients. 

Poor dental health in pregnant women was associated to premature birth in a recent study. 

Food particles trapped between teeth fester overnight without evening brushing. This fermentation encourages mouth bacteria. 

The expert suggests a few everyday tweaks to maintain oral hygiene and tooth health. 

Brush your teeth after breakfast instead of first thing in the morning after waking up. Saliva neutralizes acids initially.

Wash your mouth, have breakfast," adds the expert. Brush twice a day, your dentist will say. Despite knowing this, we skip nighttime brushing.

The expert recommends brushing after dinner to remove plaque and germs throughout the day.

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