Ford cuts contract workers while salaried workers await layoffs.

Ford Motor Co. told the Detroit Free Press on Saturday that outside agency workers received their last day of work late Friday.

 "People in certain agency positions across a few skill teams were notified by their employers that their assignments at Ford have ended," Ford spokesperson T.R. Reid told the Free Press.

"The changes are consistent with the Ford+ plan—aligning capabilities and roles with product and service priorities and, in the process, reducing costs."

Reid replied, "We’re not providing numbers." Ford responded early Saturday to Free Press inquiries regarding contract worker cuts.

 "I was fired on Friday when my agency called me to do my task. "It’s really sad that I haven’t been here more than 3 months and already out," stated a Saturday morning Ford layoffs post. "I'm from Model E space."

The Free Press reported Friday that Ford planned to lay off salaried workers in the Ford Blue and Model E departments on Monday. 

Model E designs technology and electric cars, while Ford Blue builds internal combustion engines.

Ford Pro commercial units should be unaffected. The Free Press reported Friday that Ford would start cutting off salaried white-collar workers in North America on Monday.

Cuts will affect several hundred white-collar workers. The company employs 174,000 white- and blue-collar workers worldwide.

A Ford official told the Free Press that 28,000 white-collar workers work in the U.S. and 70,000 worldwide.