Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose discussed her friendship with Sonya Deville.

Rose and Deville met at Tough Enough 2015. Absolution debuted with the two.

Fire & Desire followed. Rose defeated Deville at SummerSlam after a SmackDown feud a couple years previously. 

Since Tough Enough, Rose and Deville became great friends and lived together. 

They own a company. Rose addressed her connection with Deville in an Instagram story Q&A. 

Mandy Rose joined Stamford-based company after losing Tough Enough. 

She debuted in 2017 after two years in developing. 

God's Greatest Creation returned to NXT in mid-2021 to form Toxic Attraction. 

WWE's second NXT run was Rose's most successful. The 32-year-old held the NXT Women's Championship for 400 days. 

She united the championship with the NXT UK Women's Championship in September 2022 after defeating Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport in a triple-threat match at Worlds Collide. 

WWE fired Rose hours after she lost her title to Roxanne Perez in December 2022 due to her FanTime material.

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