Ghana's inadequate maternity support and food insecurity

Household food insecurity and maternal common mental illnesses are public health issues in Ghana, but few studies have examined their relationship.

Social support affects mental health independently and moderates the risk-mental illness relationship.

Identifying mental illness risk factors can lessen disease burden and impact.

In East Mamprusi Municipality, Ghana, household food insecurity or inadequate maternal social support were linked to maternal common mental illnesses.

This community-based, cross-sectional study included 400 moms of 6-23-month-olds selected using multi-stage sampling.

In personal interviews, the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES), Medical Outcome Study Social Support Scale (SSS).

WHO Self-Reporting Questionnaire 20 items (SRQ-20) measured household food insecurity, maternal social support, and maternal common mental disorders.

Poisson regression models were fitted to investigate the link of household food insecurity or low maternal social support with maternal common mental illnesses.