How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly?

Applying lipstick perfectly requires a few steps to ensure a flawless finish. Here's a guide to help you apply lipstick like a pro:

Prepare your lips: Start by exfoliating your lips to remove any dead skin and create a smooth canvas.

You can gently scrub your lips with a homemade mixture of sugar & honey or use a soft toothbrush. After exfoliating, apply a lip balm to moisturize & hydrate your lips.

Use a lip liner: Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick or is slightly darker. Start by outlining the natural shape of your lips.

Apply lipstick: Use a lipstick brush or directly apply the lipstick from the tube. 

Start from the center of your upper lip & follow your natural lip line towards the corners. Then, move on to your lower lip and apply the lipstick evenly.

Blot and reapply: After the initial application, blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess product.

This helps set the lipstick and prevents smudging. If needed, reapply a second layer of lipstick for a more intense color payoff.

Clean up the edges: Use a small, angled brush dipped in concealer or foundation to clean up any mistakes or to create crisp edges.

Trace the brush along the outer edges of your lips to refine the shape and achieve a precise finish.

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