How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Measure your face for sunglasses. Any weather requires sunglasses!

Finding sunglasses for your face shape is hard. 

They should make your cheekbones, brow shape, and facial width look fashionable. 

Sunglasses boost self-esteem. Designer cat-eye and big sunglasses. Sunglasses provide UV protection and style. 

It's simple to choose the wrong eyewear. Discover which sunglasses suit which facial forms.

Measure cheekbones. Examine your jawline. Take your forehead-to-chin measurement. 

Measure your forehead. This affects your sunglasses. Mirror a debit/credit card. Align the card's tips with your nose and eye.

If the card leaves your eye, you have a small face. Your eye-touching card indicates a medium face shape.

If it doesn't reach your eye-corner cornercorner, you're big. Oval faces have rounded chins and prominent cheekbones. 

Your lengthy face has a large forehead and a thin jaw. Inverted triangle face. Your chin is the smallest and forehead widest. 

Your facial width exceeds the length. High cheekbones.

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