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How you can get Lipgloss Nails

Lipgloss nails? They should. This summer, the high-shine manicure has replaced the glazed doughnut & chocolate swirl.

Emilie Sanscartier, inventor of Gelcare, claims this aesthetic enhances natural nails by adding a delicate glowy tint.

Lipgloss nails are made with sheer, translucent colors or micro glitter.

Lipgloss nails have a wet-look texture & a gentle color, from rose water to cotton to nudes & lilacs.

Summer is perfect for its excitement & freshness. Sanscartier says lipgloss nails reflect the sun well because they are sheer & high-shine.

They match any bright, colorful summer attire because they are neutral. 

“It’s a huge trend this summer,” she explains. “It keeps nails manicured and glossy for beach days.” 

Barns recommends using a clear base and The Gel Bottles' "gloss" finish to produce the appearance.

 Sanscartier adds, "I always build a gel color by layering three thin coats (rather than two thicker ones) to ensure an even application with maximum shine." 

Choose translucent for a sheer effect. Choose milky colors to disguise nail blemishes. Want something fancier? For summer evenings, shine or sparkle.

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