Jack Hanna, Television Animal Advocate Is Battling Alzheimer’s

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In an interview with his hometown media site, Jack Hanna's family confirmed that he has Alzheimer's.

Hanna's family revealed his illness to the Columbus Dispatch, drawing support. 

Hanna lives in Montana with family. 

Hanna lives in Montana with her family. The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium let visitors write love letters.

Hanna retired in 2020 after 42 years as Columbus Zoo director.

Hanna was famous for animal demonstrations on Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and James Corden talk programs before his sickness. 

He hosted "Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures," "Into the Wild," and "Wild Countdown," all syndicated.

A family member tweeted that they let the Dispatch into their house for “a real-world look into living with Alzheimer’s disease.” 

“While Dad/Jack is still mobile, his mind fails him, the light in his eyes has dimmed, & we miss who he was each & every moment of the day,” the message continues.

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