Johnny Depp Reacts To Fans' 'Beautiful' Birthday Surprise

Johnny Depp's 60th birthday is being celebrated by fans. Fans surprised the Pirates of the Caribbean star, who celebrated his 60th birthday on Friday, June 9. 

The band kicked up their European tour on June 8, one day before Depp's birthday, at Bucharest's Romexpo Arena. 

After his bandmate Alice Cooper urged them to, the 40,000-person crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to Depp as the clock hit midnight. 

Following the performance, the actor and musician said to the audience, "Wow." "That's the biggest happy birthday song ever." 

"Beautiful. "Thank you," he said as he touched his heart and kissed the crowd. 

"The whole venue sang the happy birthday song to Johnny," the band said after the occasion on Instagram. "From Romania, The Hollywood Vampires, and the rest of the world, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @johnnydepp." 

The band celebrated only weeks after canceling a string of US performances owing to an ankle injury suffered by the Fantastic Beasts alum. 

The band announced on Instagram, "We are sad to share that the Hollywood Vampires will be rescheduling our three U.S. tour dates this coming week."

"Johnny has suffered a painful ankle injury as a result of his recent appearances and has been advised by his doctor not to travel," according to the statement.

"He is devastated by this turn of events, but is looking forward to resting up so that all four Vampires can give it their all on the European tour."

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