K-Pop Idol Spotted Bulking Up

The members of the South Korean boy band BTS are concentrating on their individual careers at the moment.

While others are creating solo albums and setting records, Jimin has reached a new level of transformation.

With his recent viral photos, the K-Pop idol has astonished everyone. However, some of his supporters are concerned about him.

In 2013, Jimin debuted as a singer alongside his teammates RM, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jin, and Suga.

Individually, the vocalist has reached new heights in the last ten years. Aside from his musical accomplishments, he is also a brand ambassador for a number of multinational brands. 

The BTS member appears to be on a transforming journey, as he was recently photographed bulking up. 

Jimin was last spotted during Suga's concert, and fans observed that a sweater he had previously worn was a little snug. 

Now, the singer was recently sighted in a restaurant by a Twitter user, and the photographs have blown fan ARMY's heads. The singer was dressed in a white T-shirt and black shorts in the images. 

He complemented his ensemble with a black beanie and a pair of sneakers. The larger and broader Jimin drew a lot of attention on the internet, as admirers were taken aback by his proportions. 

A white patch on his neck was also noticed by a few users. Fans hoped he was taking care of himself, as many idols are frequently seen wearing bandages to reduce pain.

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