Keyan Safari's post-Jonah Hill body-shaming texts destroyed Bebe Rexha's relationship.

Keyan Safari's post-Jonah Hill body-shaming texts ended Bebe Rexha's relationship. Surfer Sarah Brady posted text screenshots accusing boyfriend Jonah Hill of emotional abuse.

Netizens think Keyan Safari's weight gain SMS to Bebe Rexha implies a breakup. Instagram defender Keyan Safyari is Rexha's boyfriend. 

Safari blamed Rexha's PCOS-related weight gain. The 33-year-old singer elaborated. "Hey," it says. Admired you. I praised.

I always promised to be honest, and your face was changing, so I told you... that was our discussion and you requested. Care—should I lie? 

35 pounds changed your face?" "Should I just pretend that didn't happen and it's fine?" Safari asked.

3 pounds made me fat. Love me. Justifiable separation. Excellent, & the reason." "Don't weaponize your anger, anxiety, or insecurity," the long letter said. 

You're lovely.Writing, counselling, and seclusion will help songwriters "get to the root of the problem." 

Call Safyari for explanation, Rexha. Netizens say I'm Good vocalist divided. 2020's Rexha-Safyari relationship. 

The musician has addressed body image since gaining weight last year from polycystic ovarian syndrome. Bullies weight-shamed Rexha. He's called deceitful.

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