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Love vs. Being In Love

Love and being in love are subjective experiences. However, these seven variances are often seen:

Infatuation vs. Attachment: 

Love is a profound emotional connection and devotion to someone, whereas being in love may involve intense infatuation or passion.


Love lasts and deepens with time, but being in love is more passionate and ephemeral, frequently linked with early romantic relationships.

Acceptance vs. Idealization: 

Love requires accepting and embracing a person's qualities and shortcomings, while love may involve idealizing and elevating someone.

Emotional Stability: 

Love can cause a range of extreme emotions, including exhilaration, elation, and anxiety.


Love is a long-term commitment & readiness to work through obstacles, but being in love may involve a great desire for emotional closeness & connection but not always a commitment.


 Love is based on a thorough grasp of a person's character, whereas being in love can be driven by the joy of finding new facets of someone's personality.


Love balances emotional & practical parts of a relationship, while being in love tends to be more emotional and passionate.

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