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Make Your Ex Miss: Secret Tips

After a split, you may wonder how to make your ex miss you. Reasons for breakups vary. Disputes can lead to breakups.

It's natural to miss your ex and desire to see them again after a long relationship. Since you don't know your ex's emotional state, you may be cautious to initiate. 

Avoid Contacting Them

The distinction makes the heart grow fonder. Calling or contacting your ex after the breakup is annoying and hurts reconciliation chances.

Avoid calls & texts.

Avoid the temptation for now. You may want to enquire how they're doing. Do not! Ignore their calls and texts. This won't help either of you heal.

Remake Yourself

Post-breakup negativity can be channeled into constructive change. Focus on self-improvement and personal progress now. Get a new haircut, color, clothes, or piercings. 

Make New Friends

Try something new like poetry, drama, guitar, swimming, yoga, cooking, or baking classes. These adventures will introduce you to new people and new perspectives.

Talk To Friends

Tell their friends or social media contacts you're doing well if you see them. Do not discuss your ex, the split, or your struggles. You're chatting to their buddies, therefore they'll tell them everything.

Outside Dating World

Date if you're ready. This will make your ex jealous and heal and restore your confidence. This dating tip works for short-term relationships. Waiting for them wastes time.

Get Away

Grieve your ex without difficulty. Vacation and treat yourself. Take a break, clear your thinking, meet new people, do new things, and return refreshed.

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