Mobile County mosquitoes carry deadly virus

Mosquitoes bite more. Mosquitoes spread an uncommon and severe brain-damaging virus.

Mobile County mosquitoes carry eastern equine encephalitis. This virus kills 3 in 10. Officials warn this rare infection can cause long-term issues.

"Just like the many other viruses that are carried by mosquitos, the only way to prevent it is not getting bitten by mosquitos," says Dr. from the Alabama Department of Health.

These mosquitoes infect birds, horses, and people. Most have no symptoms.

Mobile County Health Department found a virus-carrying mosquito.

The health service says 30% of EEE patients die and many survivors have neurological disorders.

Things like seizures, coma and so many times, that's when it's diagnosed when people have a sudden onset of nervous system problems," says Dr. It's rare.

Sometimes the tests for these types of viruses because there’s multiple of them, are sent off to a reference lab to see if there may be an infection," he says.

It's harmful, but there's no treatment. No shots. He thinks horses are vaccinated but humans aren't.

Floods in South Alabama. Floodwater breeds mosquitoes.

Since mosquito larvae thrive in standing water, Dr. Stubblefield warns against avoiding it.

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