Mysterious brain diseases infecting healthy people

Doctors in a small region are baffled by a brain disease outbreak that has impacted over 200 people.

A condition resembling dementia has hit New Brunswick adults aged 18 to 84.

Causing severe hallucinations, speech and writing impairments, memory loss, and even physical paralysis. 

In 2015, several healthy people contracted this mystery sickness. Gabrielle Cormier, 20.

Who fell unwell in 2019, had to quit figure skating and university.

She now needs a wheelchair. She told local reporters in 2021: “I’m trying to make a bad situation better by making my cane pretty.

I returned to the rink again because I was worried I might die and wanted to skate one final time.” 

These cases may be caused by glyphosate exposure or blue-green algae blooms in water sources.

A government-wide probe began in 2021 but was halted in February 2022 when officials said the cases were unrelated. 

Medical experts believe the government halted treatment to protect its financial interests, particularly the fishing and forest sectors in the afflicted area. 

A key figure in this medical riddle urged a federal investigation. He treated around 200 people in New Brunswick with identical complaints. 

Dr. discovered the symptoms in Moncton and Acadian Peninsula patients. Dr. has eight cases in 2018, 20, 38, and 48 through April 2021.

After that, the province stopped counting. However, patients sought help from Dr., a Canadian expert on this mysterious cluster of instances.

Dr. alerted government officials in 2021 that he had referred two progressing Alzheimer's patients in their 30s and 50s.

Blood testing, spinal taps, & brain scans showed brain atrophy & neurological impairment. 

Dr. struggled to diagnose patients due to the lack of consistent patterns.