Narcissist Breakup Advice

Relationships with self-centered, insecure, and emotionally abusive narcissists can be tough. Read about narcissist breakups.

Love forgives. Narcissists too. Their manipulation, codependency, insensitivity, and harsh criticism may depress you.

Narcissism cannot be diagnosed despite extensive studies. Licensed therapists can psychoanalyze, but characterizing narcissists is challenging.

Go Now!

Another mistake is delaying the divorce. You may be attached to your partner, have kids, or fear being alone. Codependency may make you think you need them.

Block All

Avoid contact for 6-8 months. No calls, texts, or stalking. After the breakup's worst, you'll be wiser, happier, and stronger.

Block All

Narcissists may gossip about you to mutual friends and relatives. They may harass you, send cryptic messages, offer expensive presents.

Avoid Accountability

Narcissists' selfishness and apathy prevent rational communication. Criticizing them may turn everything against you. They may lie about changing to avoid breakup.

Trust Yourself

Clear recordings, texts, and videos. Keep a diary. This prevents gaslighting, manipulation, and self-doubt.

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