Nashville mosquitoes carry West Nile virus.

West Nile virus was found in mosquitoes collected by Nashville's Metro Public Health Department's pest management division on Tuesday.

According to a media release, staff caught the mosquitoes at a trap near the intersection of Bell Road and Anderson Road in Southeast Nashville.

Human cases are unreported. Notifying affected residents is underway.

Pest management returned and installed more traps, monitoring standing water and administering larvicide if mosquito larvae are found.

The announcement says the Health Department does not spray adult mosquitoes.

In May, the Health Department began catching mosquitoes for testing at the Tennessee Department of Health.

Eliminate standing water in your yard, especially in children's toys, bird baths, blocked gutters, tires, flowerpots, trashcans, & wheelbarrows.

Gambusia fish or aerate ornamental ponds. Mosquito dunks in standing water on your property. Reduce overgrown bushes where mosquitoes hide.