People Dress Up And Celebrate Pride Juneteenth

Communities everywhere have celebrated June 19 as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day for almost a century.

After the Black Lives Matter movement's resurgence, President Joe Biden signed legislation adding Juneteenth to the government holiday calendar in 2021.

According to the Department of Commerce, Juneteenth is one of 12 federal holidays.

During a White House ceremony two years ago, Mr. Biden remarked that a national holiday had not been recognized since 1983 to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

After his signing, Juneteenth became a national holiday. June 18, 2021.

Government offices and some private businesses closed on Saturday, June 19, in recognition.

The financial sector continues to operate as scheduled, although NASDAQ confirmed last month that the stock market will be closed Monday for Juneteenth, as it was last year and on other national holidays.

After it easily passed both chambers of Congress earlier in the week, Mr. Biden signed it.

Despite Republican opposition, the Senate unanimously passed a bill to make Juneteenth National Independence Day a legal, public holiday, responding to widespread calls for federal recognition throughout 2020 and 2021.

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