Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles for Everyone

The ponytail—a timeless hairstyle. It's also versatile—you can wear a ponytail on most hair lengths and textures and add creative accessories to accentuate a look.

You can rapidly bring a look together with a hair elastic and a hairbrush, even if you have second-day hair. 

Two hairstylists shared their finest ponytail styling suggestions, from a fishtail braid to a slicked-back updo.

Bouncy ponytail

The disheveled bubble pony is easier to do than it looks. This hairstyle requires a low ponytail and elastics every three inches.

High ponytail

Look up when doing a high ponytail. Place the pony at the crown's axis and make it smooth and tight.

Volume pony

Ariana Grande's outfit is easy to copy. Backcombing your crown with a teasing comb or brush creates a full ponytail.

Low ponytail.

Wet your hair and slick it into a tight ponytail for a full low pony. Keep the pony at your nape.

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