Psoriasis Diet Plan you must know

Food makes you! Your diet affects your health. Health includes diet, sleep, & exercise.

You can manage it and improve your health with the appropriate food and diet. Chronic autoimmune psoriasis accelerates skin cell proliferation.

Cell overgrowth can generate scaly, itchy regions that are uncomfortable. Psoriasis has diverse appearances & locations.

Based on decades of study, researchers know the general causes of this skin disorder. Genetics and the environment cause it.

Psoriasis is more common in families. Autoimmune attacks, where white blood cells assault skin cells, can also cause it. The survey says 2% of Americans have psoriasis, with different rates worldwide.

The Faroe Islands have more cases than Japan, Aboriginal Australia, and South American Indians. Psoriasis can occur at any age, with two primary age peaks: 15-20 and 55-60. 

Diet can alleviate psoriasis symptoms. However, watch your diet. Associated conditions include psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, and diabetes. 

Some foods suppress psoriasis and other inflammatory disorders, while others worsen them. Unbalanced diets, high fat intake, poor-nutrition diets, and low fiber intake might aggravate psoriasis. 

Alcohol, simple carbohydrates, and saturated fatty acids may cause inflammation by activating reactive oxygen species and pathways. 

Therefore, consult with your dietitian and doctors to identify the best food and supplements for your condition and comorbidities. 

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