Relationship Conflict: Causes & Solution

Relationships are two people with different opinions coming together.

Thus, when partners are inflexible and insensitive, problems will arise.

A relationship conflict is any quarrel, struggle, or intense debate between two people.

It usually involves arguing about a recurring subject like domestic duties or money.

Relationship conflicts are stressful but can strengthen them. Conflicts reveal relationship issues & how to fix them.

Power & Control

Relationship issues sometimes stem from wanting to control others. When someone likes being superior, this happens.


Our desires often blind us to how our actions affect others. For every connection.


When one spouse makes decisions without considering the other, disputes arise. 


A companion who criticizes everything is tiresome. If your partner always blames you, it's frustrating too. This indicates serious relationship issues.

Communication Gap

Relationships require communication. Communication in an unstable relationship can lead to frequent fighting.

High hopes

When one partner falls short, the other usually feels betrayed & upset. Both spouses must keep their demands & expectations moderate to manage the issue.


The offended partner generally doesn't express their hurt. The latter may harbor resentment from bad emotions. Examine the resentment's cause. 

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