Serious Relationship: Things To Know Before Mutual Commitment

Today, serious relationships are hard to find. Nobody wants to settle down or focus on a relationship.

Once disagreement arises, they leave. Our generation prefers hookups and flings. 

Love and marriage are gone. What else? Discussing serious relationships today could cost you your mate. Relationships are about imagining your future together.

You're committed to each other's emotional needs. In a meaningful relationship, you want to commit to one another forever. 

“Look here, don’t be an idiot!” or “What you are doing is right, don’t lose it” can wake you up. 

Here are some signals that you're ready to take your relationship further. You're used to quiet moments.  

You two collaborate beautifully. You'll marry forever. You're yourself around them and don't hide. 

You've bonded with each other's families. You found your partner. Avoid ego-driven battles.

Honesty and respect over being right. They're not pushy. You improve together. You care for each other.

You share fears. They don't need surveillance. You want to spend every moment together. 

You've lived together and kept your belongings there. You enjoy remaining in and talking about "we" rather than "I". They're your future.

Clarify the relationship. Date sometimes. Communicate honestly. Express yourself. Avoid blaming. 

Flirt and experiment occasionally. Talk to your partner about changing opinions. 

Avoid ego-driven battles. Follow your own rituals. Be vulnerable with each other. Don't be dissatisfied if your companion isn't perfect. 

Be curious about your partner's life. Allow healthy relationship transitions. Apologizing & taking responsibility for your mistakes will help fix problems.

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