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Shy Girls Like You: 21 Signs to Understand

Your crush may be shy. If you want to know if she likes you, check for shy girl indications.

Finding out is hard. Even shy girls will hint at wanting to date you.

But how? Here we will describe how a reticent girl expresses her emotions. She Helps You Shy people have trouble expressing themselves verbally. 

She Smiles Often Around You

Naturally, being with loved ones makes you joyful. Thus, a female who is happy around you may like you.

She May Check You Out

Even shy people check out attractive people. Ashy girls may peek at you in groups or at work. She may like you.

She Changes Around You

Like everyone else, shy females act differently around their crushes. Does she often touch her hair or blush around you? 

She Changes Around You

Does she chuckle awkwardly, glance down, or get self-conscious when chatting to you?

She Changes Around You

More importantly, does she just do these things with you? If you answer yes to these questions, she may like you.

She Always Favors You

Body language matters for the shy girl. She may like you if she leans into your personal space, especially while you are not talking.

She Extends the Conversation

Shy girls struggle to start conversations. However, if she likes you, she will likely want to talk more.

She Laughs At Jokes

Shy women suggest they like you. Your shy female smiling at every joke you make, no matter how awful, may like you.

She's Socially Active

While most friends do this, a shy girl may like you. This is especially true if she constantly sends you pictures of you. In addition, if she likes you.

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