Signs He Likes You More Than Friends

Isn't it lovely when friendship grows? Your friend becoming a romantic partner is the finest. It's hard to tell if he's more than a friend. There are ways to tell if your close friend likes you. 

A man abandons his concerns and insecurities to pursue something new, intriguing, and fascinating because of his feelings. 

Changing from a friendship to a relationship requires investing on something worthwhile. Learn the 27 signals your friend loves you.

Loses Guard

When a guy shares his vulnerabilities and troubles with you, it may be a sign that he likes you more than a buddy. If your partner confides in you, he wants you to listen, bond, and comprehend.

Healthy Jealousy

Relationships benefit from moderate jealousy. It also indicates a man's relationship intentions. He may be protective of you if he becomes jealous when you mention other males or ask about them.

Likes You

A guy will complement you specifically if he likes you. He may compliment your appearance, personality, or grin. Men will seduce you with words and acts. Verbal and non-verbal compliments attract.

Notices Your Little Things

When a man loves you, he remembers everything. He may like you more than a buddy if he observes your new haircut, mood, or key occasion. 

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