Spain's record-high suicide rates: social emergency?

According to Ministry of Health data, Spain's first suicide prevention helpline received approximately 15,000 calls in May 2022, one month after its launch. 

The surge of calls showed the need for help in a society that still stigmatizes mental health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exhausted many Spaniards, forcing the issue into public debate. 

The helpline and other efforts to reduce suicides have failed. Spain had the most suicides ever in 2022. 

4,097 persons committed suicide, 2.3% more than in 2021.

Since 2018, the National Statistics Institute's annual numbers have increased. 

"It is a real social emergency, reversing the trend should be a matter of state.

Experts cite a lack of a national plan, a shortage of specialist health staff, & minimal follow-up for suicide attempters.

Does this explain why Southern European suicides are rising? As disease therapies improve, suicide rates rise.

The president of the Spanish Foundation for Suicide Prevention claims that official estimates may understate the number of suicides in the country.

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