Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life - Review

A Wonderful Life is about family and farming, however its farming and socialization are inferior to modern farming sims.

This voyage may last a lifetime due to its age and speed.

Wonderful same-sex marriage and young bachelors spiced dating.

Upgrades don't fix obsolete scenes, uninspired characters, or peculiarities. Father's Forgotten Valley farm is yours.

Early on, A Wonderful Life prioritizes community over barn value. Farming goals are untimed.

If you don't married in a year, you'll have to rush into relationships. A Wonderful Life's aging system makes partners raise dreamers.

Over six "life chapters," the community will change intriguingly. New furnishings, dig location, and other tweaks will slightly modify gameplay.

Playing A Wonderful Life for 30 years requires you to raise your child and create your farm.