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Sukihana popular on Twitter—why?

After her OnlyFans video got viral on social media, Sukihana trended again on Twitter. This stunned and divided social media users.

A viral video of YK Osiris forcibly kissing Sukihana had trended on Twitter weeks earlier.

Fans quickly supported the Eating rapper model and demanded an apology from YK Osiris.

Sukihana's shocking NSFW video is explained here. Sukihana's s*x video became viral on Tuesday. 

This viral video appears to have come from OnlyFans, but its specific source is unknown. 

Sukihana manually pleases and climaxes in the controversial video. Some Twitter users vowed to quit over the bodily fluids. 

Others have defended the rapper. Sukihana is trending on Twitter, yet her account is inactive. 

The rapper quit Twitter last month after the YK Osiris incident. Sukihana's OnlyFans video has sparked a meme war on social media. 

One person tweeted, “I'm heading to threads. "Why y'all sharing that Sukihana video this early like people ain't having breakfast?"

“That Sukihana video is putrid and truly disgusting, WHILE I WAS EATING?” said another.

 A third user said, "Sukihana has BEEN the same since she first popped on the scene and nobody said a word now she trending every other day."

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