On Friday, House Republicans revealed a slew of new tax advantages for businesses & families while proposing to roll back some of President Joe Biden's legislative achievements, including subsidies for clean-burning electric vehicles. 

Three related proposals were presented Friday to pass the House Ways and Means Committee next week.

The Joint Committee on Taxation's package study is expected then. 

White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre called the proposals a "tax scam" and said, "(Republican) priority isn't reducing the deficit or out-competing the world, their priority is giving handouts to rich special interests & corporations at the expense of everyone else." 

"These policies will provide relief for working families, strengthen small businesses, grow jobs, & protect American innovation & competitiveness," Ways & Means Chairman Jason Smith stated. 

The committee reported hundreds of billions in provisions. 

Some tax advantages, like Biden's electric vehicle credit, expand while others reduce. The panel's senior Democrat, Richard Neal, claimed Republicans were "laying the groundwork for even bigger cuts in 2025" when the 2017 tax bill expires.