The Top 5 Dementia-Preventing Supplements

Dementia is a general term that refers to a group of symptoms affecting cognitive abilities, memory, thinking, and behavior.

Here you will know about the magical supplements that can prevent you from dementia disease forever.

Numerous studies have revealed that what we eat and drink affects our brains. Brain health researchers have identified substances that can reduce dementia risk. 

Experts agree that the best source of vitamins & other nutrients is whole foods as part of a balanced diet,” says a well-known Doctor of Alzheimer. 

Supplements fill the gaps. While no meal, beverage, ingredient, vitamin, or supplement will prevent, treat, or cure Alzheimer's disease, 

If dementia prevention is your health aim, here are five vitamins to discuss with your doctor. 

When buying supplements, check sure they include the nutrients they claim to.

Folic acid has the most potential for dementia prevention, according to Dr. All B vitamins improve brain function.

Vitamin D, a brain-healthy mineral, is deficient in 35% of American adults. Vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin," is a brain neurosteroid and antioxidant.

Why is fish called "brain food"? Dr. claims fish omega-3s help memory and brain cell communication.

Dr. also suggests vitamin E for dementia prevention based on recent research.

Dr. recommends turmeric curcumin for dementia prevention.

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