Three indicators that Linux users prefer Wayland for GUIs.

After 15 years, Wayland may soon replace X11 as Linux's most popular GUI server. We've covered Wayland's growing support. 

Linux for Apple Silicon Macs developers indicated they didn't have time to support 

The Gtk toolkit, used by many Linux apps and desktops, may abandon X11 compatibility. 

However, this seems to be pushing Wayland rather than gaining people.

Campbell Jones, a Budgie desktop developer, wrote a contentious blog post titled "Wayland is pretty good, actually."

He summarizes Wayland's developer perks. Because of this, Budgie 11 may only support Wayland and omit X11.

Last October, the team proposed defaulting KDE 6 sessions to Wayland. Solus OS, which released version 4.4, created Budgie.

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