Turkey's LGBT community fears a nasty election campaign.

Last month's election campaign statements attacking Turkey's LGBT population have left some living in terror of police raids and some considering leaving. 

President Tayyip Erdogan blasted "perverse" LGBT groups and pledged to uphold traditional family values before the first vote and runoff, which he won.

Some worry that Erdogan's five-year term will increase intimidation, including legal crackdowns. 

Sunday's Pride parades, which gather hundreds despite being outlawed, are expected to draw detentions.

Law student Bekir, 21, said he and his LGBT boyfriend now feared a police raid if a neighbor complained.

He added LGBT prejudice has persuaded the couple to leave Turkey.

Erdogan's Islamic-rooted AK Party attacked the pollster-favored opposition alliance of being "pro-LGBT" during the campaign.

"The opponent lost, confirming our worries. "Fleeing seems like the only option, which is so upsetting," said Bekir. 

Seven others told Reuters they were leaving and cited LGBT friends who had gone. Rumeysa Kadak, AK parliamentarian, stated LGBT individuals were safeguarded.