UV nail dryers may harm DNA

The Cleveland Clinic published a research not too long ago that sheds light on the use of UV nail dryers.

The nail polish is cured with the dryers, which are commonly used with gel manicures.

Although there is still much more to learn, the findings are giving rise to some cause for alarm.

Research shows that ultraviolet light from UV nail dryers can cause DNA damage in the cells, just like ultraviolet light from the sun.

What we don't know is how that translates into individual people and potentially increased skin cancer risk."

Applying sunscreen to your hands approximately twenty minutes before going to get your nails done is something that Piliang recommends doing.

Make certain that it has at least a 30 SPF rating and is water resistant.

The prevention of premature aging is another benefit of taking those actions.

According to Piliang, it is also recommended to limit the amount of time spent using UV nail dryers and to perform routine skin inspections.