Windows XBOX app not working? TRY THESE FIXES

The Xbox software may stop operating for Windows gamers.

This is frustrating if you use the app for gaming functions. Xbox app issues can be fixed.

When the Xbox software doesn't work, check your Windows system for updates. Windows updates often correct compatibility issues & enhance system performance.

Xbox Live Auth Manager and Xbox Live Game Save power the Xbox app.

The app will stop running if these services fail. To test services, hit Win + R to open the Run dialog box, type services.msc, and click Enter.

If Xbox Live Auth Manager and Xbox Live Game Save are not running, right-click them and select Start.

Xbox requires a reliable internet connection. The app may malfunction if your Wi-Fi is slow or unreliable.

Resetting your router or modem may help.

Reinstall the Xbox app if none of the above solutions work. Find Xbox gaming overlay and Xbox (Beta) in Settings > Apps > Apps & Features. Click Uninstall on these programs. Download Xbox again from Microsoft Store.

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