Xbox’s Perfect Dark Reboot Is Years Away

The new Perfect Dark is well advanced, but years of difficulties may delay its release.

The two-minute clip showed an "eco-futuristic" Earth with a vast city covered in flora.

Did you find what you wanted, Agent Dark?” a voice says. “Not yet,”

This is the start.” Three years later, developer The Initiative is still starting off.

One developer at The Initiative said the trailer, was created by an external CG firm.

Was very obviously way far ahead of anywhere the game was at the time. 

We didn’t even know our core game mechanics. We didn’t know what kind of game we were making.

The industry teases new games with cinematic trailers years before release.

The Initiative's radio silence and claims of huge attrition at the studio have raised worries about the project, heightened by its omission from Xbox's summer games showcase. 

The worry is justified: 13 sources familiar with Perfect Dark's development say little has changed since the 2020 trailer.

Game creation is the answer, not glamour. A tense co-development collaboration.

While a new partnership, multiple sources who have worked on the game recently say that Perfect Dark is still "in the earliest stages" of development.