Your Dog's Paws May Surprise You

Experts determine if your dog is spreading germs. When you walk your dog, you may wonder what germs are on their paws.

In my metropolis, I grimace when I see my dog do his business on tiny spots of dirt and grass because thousands of other dogs have done the same. 

Can he introduce diseases into our home from other dogs' urine and feces? Human sickness requires an extremely robust bug and a lot of it. 

It's possible, but the health advantages of hiking with your dog exceed the small danger of becoming sick from whatever's on their paws.

If you just go out for a walk in an urban area and you are not seeing any gross contamination with fecal matter.

Then it’s probably okay to do nothing because you’ve got it all over your shoes the same way a dog does.

Your dog's paws pick up viruses based on your lifestyle, location, & local diseases. 

Dogs in cities are exposed to different germs than those in rural areas or farmland, which won't appear like the pathogens that stick to your dog's fur when they swim in lakes and ponds.

Most infections your dog walks & rolls in don't survive outdoors & won't be viable indoors.

According to North Carolina State University professor dogs bring bacteria into the home, although most of these germs aren't dangerous.

Your dog's paws wouldn't gather up enough pathogens to cause disease. As your dog walks, many creatures will fall off their paws before you get home.