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Fear of Olympic form after corona vaccine side effects – set new record in Norway

Evid Henriksen (30) set a Norwegian sledgehammer record on Monday night. The cost of the Olympics dropped considerably after the side effects of the vaccine.

FINAL READY: Evid Henriksen is ready for the Olympic mallet final after throwing 78.79 meters on Monday night.

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– I felt it right away. You know that well. It’s very good to get it on the first run, Henriksen tells VG overnight to Monday.

When VG talks to the 30-year-old from Oslo, he recently set a new Norwegian record on the deck. 78.79 meters appeared on the board in Tokyo and Henriksen probably served what was the loudest roar of joy in the Olympic arena.

Thus, he erased his previous Norwegian record of 78.25 meters, which he set in 2019. The qualifying limit for the final was also 77.50 meters, and thus went straight to the final, which starts on Wednesday. Only two athletes shot further than Henriksen in qualifying.

– It’s delicious. It’s been a couple of years since I last set a record, so it indicates that I’ve done things right.

But the road to the Norwegian record has not only been easy for Henriksen. On June 16, he received his second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. It was something he felt in his body in the later time.

– I was very flabby and tired and I lacked pressure in training. Usually he trained very badly. I also noticed that I had poor concentration during the sessions. It was a bad couple of weeks I had to go through, he says.

In early July, he decided to take a week off without any training. That in the hope that things will change.

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– He started dragging me wondering if this would work. It was a little “sad” for me, but in hindsight I see that it was good that he was so early, says Henriksen.

– I think it was the total that I probably trained too hard, while the body was not at the top after the corona shot. This meant that there were a few weeks with little optimal load.

He indicates that he does not regret having been vaccinated.

– I’m not an opponent of vaccines. It’s important to get involved, says Henriksen and laughs.

After the break from all training, he says the training work quickly relaxed.

– The throwing training was better and I noticed my body loosen up. The last few weeks have been very good.

– Are we simply talking about sharpening the way that couldn’t have been better?

– Absolutely. Of course, it helps to get to Japan and get into the bubble. Then you feel the adrenaline rush and then there is only one thing that matters.

Now the final awaits on Wednesday. If Monday’s qualification had been the final, the launch would have been limited to a bronze medal. However, he will not say that Wednesday’s goal is to win a medal.

– It is not a goal no, but it is clear that it is a dream. My goal is to decorate the disc one more time, so we’ll see what it contains.

Henriksen’s trainer passed away three weeks before the deck entered the 2018 European Championship:

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