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22 years signed a contract of one billion

Luka Dončić drew attention when he almost led little Slovenia to the Olympic final in Tokyo. Now the 22-year-old basketball star is writing history by signing a special contract with the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, valued at NOK 1.8 billion.

BILLION SMILES: Luka Dončić (right) and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban looked pleased when the Slovenian basketball star officially signed his five-year contract in Ljubljana on Tuesday.

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– It’s a dream come true, said Luka Dončić according to ESPN when the Slovenian’s new five-year contract was announced during a press conference at the Intercontinental hotel in Ljubljana on Tuesday.

$ 207 million, or just over NOK 1.8 billion at the current exchange rate, is the highest paid contract extension signed by a newcomer (rookie) in the best basketball league in the world. The special contract – “maximum rookie extension” – arises as a result of Luka Dončić’s selection as a “rookie” on the NBA All Star team twice.

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Dončić is one of only four players to have achieved it before the age of 23.

He has played three seasons in the NBA since joining Spanish Real Madrid’s Dallas Mavericks in 2018 and was named Rookie of the Year in the 2018/19 season.

Here’s what Dončić did as a Real Madrid player almost four years ago:

Luca Dončić and his agent Bill Duffy were awarded the $ 1 billion contract in Ljubljana on Monday. Six of the Dallas Mavericks’ top executives had traveled from Dallas to the Slovenian capital to attend the signing of the contract, including owner Mark Cuban, worth about $ 40 billion, according to finance magazine Forbes, and coach Jason Kidd.

– In relation to this contract, I am pleased to say that I want to put more effort into “The Luka Dončić Foundation”, says Luca Doncic.

ON SERVICE: Dallas Mavericks point guard Luca Dončić in a game against Trevor Ariza of the Miami Heat during an NBA game on May 4.

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Obviously, his charitable foundation will receive a good amount of money from Dončić’s upcoming salary payments. Among other things, they will renovate the basketball courts in their home country and in the state of Dallas Texas.

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Slovenia played its first Olympic basketball tournament in Tokyo. The young and small nation (two million inhabitants) opened it up by beating Argentina 118-100. Luka Dončić only scored 48 points. In the semi-final against France, Dončić Slovenia (90-89), a second before the end, came within a couple of French fingers of going to the gold final.

In it, the USA beat France 87-82, while Slovenia lost 93-107 in the battle for the Olympic bronze medal. Slovenia finished 31st in the Olympic medal statistics with three gold, one silver and one bronze medals.

Janja Garnbret – also 22 years old – won Olympic gold for Slovenia in climbing.

Norway (20th place) won four gold, two silver and two bronze medals, the United States at the top won a total of 113 medals: 39 gold, 41 silver and 33 bronze.

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