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Thinking of traveling abroad during the fall break? You must know this.

There are many who want to travel abroad during the fall holidays. But it is important to familiarize yourself with the quarantine rules and regulations in force in the country you are traveling to in advance.

NIPH answers questions about traveling abroad with children during the fall break.

That: Many people want to travel abroad during the fall break, but what are the current quarantine rules for youth and parents?

Who responds: Ingvild Fjeldheim, chief physician at the National Institute of Public Health.

Chief Physician Ingvild Fjeldheim of the National Institute of Public Health says it is important for travelers to become well acquainted with the rules that apply to the countries they are traveling to and what rules apply when returning to Norway.

– It is also important to note that the rules can be changed on short notice and that the traveler is responsible for being up-to-date on which rules are applicable at the time of entry, says Fjeldheim.

Ingvild Fjeldheim, chief physician at the National Institute of Public Health.

Fjeldheim has answered four questions by email:

1. What are the quarantine rules for families with children where the parents are fully vaccinated? In the past, children have followed their parents with a view to quarantine after a trip to a country that is not green. Is it still like this?

– Children under the age of 18 who have not undergone COVID-19 in the last six months or who have not been fully vaccinated should be quarantined upon entry if traveling to Norway from a non-green country. Even if mom and dad are fully vaccinated. The quarantine can be terminated if the child or children test negative no later than three days after their arrival in Norway. This is not new, says Ingvild Fjeldheim.

– The exception is travelers from countries / green areas in the EEA / Schengen / UK, given that they have not stayed, or the intermediate country in orange / red / gray / purple countries and areas in the last 10 days, it adds. .

2. What are the quarantine rules for 12-15 year olds who have been vaccinated with one dose? Are they considered fully vaccinated after one dose and released from quarantine?

– Vaccination of 12-15 year olds should consist of one dose in this round. NIPH will continually assess whether children need a second dose. To receive fully vaccinated status on the corona certificate, you need two doses, as long as you haven’t undergone COVID-19. At the moment, the Norwegian rules for corona certificates are the same regardless of age, meaning the dose offered to children is shown as 1 in 2, says Fjeldheim.

– The vaccinated person is considered protected from three weeks inclusive to 14 weeks after the first dose of the vaccine. During this period, the national control side of the crown certificate will be green. If 15 weeks or more pass before dose 2 is given, this control side will be transient red.

– An upper limit on the interval between coronary vaccines has not yet been established. If this continues, the national control page will turn green one week after the second dose, regardless of the time period between doses. The control page for border crossing (EU / EEA) after a dose will have a QR code where the dose is displayed as 1 of 2. When you receive another dose, the QR code will show the last dose as 2 of 2. There is Only a few countries will accept the QR code with 1 of 2 for entry, and it is different for all countries how long it should take after the second dose before it is possible to cross the border.

This means that you must check the entry rules for the country in question.

3. It’s hard to predict which travel rules will apply when the fall break rolls around. But, what changes does it take to travel if you have reached step 4? Are all quarantine rules removed then?

– Fall break is a few weeks ahead. The rules are subject to change on short notice, and the traveler is responsible for updating the rules that apply at the time of entry. Relief may come within that time, but it is currently not possible to say for sure when it will happen.

– The reopening of the company can take place by gradually reducing the measures or eliminating the measures. A full reopening means that anyone who wants to travel to Norway can come and that no one will have to show a crown passport, be examined or quarantined. In all likelihood, the reopening will occur more step by step in that the quarantine period is shortened, individual groups are exempted from measures, before we are there that no one is quarantined or tested.

4. Is traveling abroad recommended during the fall holidays in view of the contagious pressure we have seen among young people and particularly young people this fall?

– It refers here to the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that applies until October 1: «The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all trips that are not strictly necessary to all countries outside the EU / EEA, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Exceptions have also been made for some countries and areas of the so-called EU third country list. These are countries and areas outside the EU that meet the criteria of the National Institute of Public Health for a low spread of infection.

Red and yellow earth

During the fall holidays, it is the classic European destinations that are the most popular. This applies to Spain, Greece and Turkey.

According to the website Reopen the EU The countries are colored as follows at the time of writing:

RED: Spain, France, Portugal, Croatia and Greece. Italy has some red regions.

YELLOW ORANGE: Canary Islands. Italy is mainly yellow, but it is completely red in the southern parts.

GREEN: Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

NB: Some of the countries may have some yellow or red regions. For example, in big cities. See also the overview

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