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Conflict Council claims artist Tormod Carlsen forged a document

Mediation on incitement against the artist has never taken place, writes the Conflict Council.

The Conflict Council has sued artist Tormod Carlsen for forgery. Here he is photographed in connection with an interview at Aftenposten this summer.

Interpreter Tormod Carlsen has claimed in the media that he has experienced the provocation and that he has met people who have allegedly provoked it in the Conflict Council.

The accusations have been part of a heated debate over the summer about the Waste Ombudsman, stage denial, criticism of support for art and incitement of artists.

Now, the Conflict Council says in a press release that the mediation never took place.

“The case is presented as being investigated by the police and then mediated in the Oslo Conflict Council. However, the Oslo Conflict Council has not received such a case from the Oslo Police District. No mediation has been carried out. or an agreement has been written with Tormod Carlsen as a party, ”writes Christine Wilberg, director of the Conflict Council.

Aftenposten mentioned the alleged Conflict Council meeting in a case published on July 19. Here, Tormod Carlsen was interviewed along with several others about the incitement and threats to the encounter. Carlsen spoke of the messages he had received, which he had experienced as unpleasant. He said he received help from a lawyer and that the case ended up in the Conflict Council.

The Conflict Council has sued Carlsen for forgery.

Aftenposten has repeatedly tried to contact Tormod Carlsen, but has not yet responded to inquiries.

I would say clearly from

Anders Dahl, press and media manager for the Conflict Council, told Aftenposten that this is a very special case.

– We thought it was correct to report. Both because we believe the document is false, and because the document has been mentioned in the press, says Dahl.

It says the Conflict Council contacted Carlsen in August. Nettavisen and Subjekt contacted them about mediation. They obtained a copy of the document from the Conflict Council and declared that it was false.

According to the Conflict Council, Carlsen eventually told them that there was a misunderstanding and that the mediation must have taken place under the auspices of the Red Cross.

Aftenposten has contacted the Red Cross. They say that they do not get involved in this type of mediation and they do not know that someone from the Red Cross had anything to do with this case.

The Cultural Council: – Carlsen retired

Tormod Carlsen has been a member of the Cultural Council’s Professional Performing Arts Committee. They process applications for the Performer Grant Programs.

The Cultural Council announces that Tormod Carlsen has resigned from that committee.

– Carlsen withdrew from the committee for approx. A month ago, says Cultural Council communications consultant Thomas Hansen. Hansen adds that it is therefore not natural for the Cultural Council to comment further on the matter.

Therese Bjørneboe is the editor of Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift.

– It may be a misunderstanding

Norwegian Shakespeare magazine editor Therese Bjørneboe has previously mentioned the Conflict Council document on Bjørneboe confirms to Aftenposten that Carlsen has shown him the document which, according to the Conflict Council, is false.

– But I cannot comment further as the case is under investigation. It is important to remember that you are not doomed. It could be a misunderstanding.

– The Carlsen case has been used as an example of artists facing threats. What does this mean for the discussion on threats and incitement?

– Most of the performing artists who have been involved in the debates do not refer to threats. They talk about incitement and harassment, even in the comment field and in the inbox. The fact that it is not punishable does not mean that it is not a strain. For some, turmoil can lead to limitation as an artist.

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