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Warholm with New People: Incredibly Tired

Karsten Warholm (25) thinks it’s okay to be characterized as a training addict: having slimmed down his reserve tank and set a personal record of 300 meters at the Trond Mohn Games, he hopes to be back in training in a couple of days .

TRIBUTE: Karsten Warholm held the final competition of the season to pay tribute to billionaire Trond Mohn (right), who for many years has donated various sports facilities to Bergen and to the sport for several million.

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– Monday or Tuesday. I am looking forward to going back to Vallhall to play table tennis and lift weights. Karsten Warholm answers the question of whether he should take time off.

– Are you what in the old days was called an exercise addict?

– Yeah, you can probably call it that. I like to train, responds with humor the Olympic gold medalist and world record holder in the 400 meters hurdles.

After having won the Diamond League final in Zurich last ThursdayI should have run according to plan 400 meters without hurdles at NM Kristiansand on Friday afternoon.

He went there on a private plane, but after consulting with coach Leif Olav Alnes, he did not think it advisable to start. On Sunday, however, he was at his place in Berlin, where in the afternoon, still cleverly tired, he won the 400-meter hurdles at the Olympic Stadium.

Not only that. Six days later, on Saturday afternoon, Karsten Warholm stepped down to the starting grid in Bergen to pay tribute. the city’s generous “sports sponsor”, billionaire Trond Mohn.

GOLDEN HERO: Karsten Warholm was highly coveted after winning the 300m at the Trond Mohn Games at Fana Stadium in Bergen on Saturday afternoon.

– I’m so impressed that I managed to get together to finish, but I had to lose weight towards the end. I felt like I had to perform the last hundred meters pretty well. I put a little “pers”. That cost him well, he says, confronted with the fact that his coach, Leif Olav Alnes, was impressed by him.

Warholm set a personal record with 32.49 in the odd distance. It is 20/100 faster than its previous “pers” (32.69), placed in the same place three years ago. He says he’s happy that he chose to end the season like he has now, and he’s happy that the season is over.

– Of course he’s incredibly tired. It’s over for a while. You also saw him in his career. It was not easy. He pulled himself together with force. It ran on three cylinders. It was impressive to handle it, says Leif Olav Alnes considering that Warholm fulfilled the duo’s goal in Bergen, which was a personal record.

– Is not 20/100 that much in three years, for Karsten Warholm?

– No, but the purpose of coming here was to pay tribute to Trond Mohn for his efforts for Norwegian society. That was really the only reason. 45.94 (Warholm V-record in the 400m hurdles) is better than this, so to speak. That (32,49) is not a bad moment, but not in class with him, answers Leif Olav Alnes.

In comparison, Karsten Warholm put World’s best 300m hurdles record with 33.26 at Bislett on June 4 this year (to later set a “temporary” world record for 400 meters hurdles 46.70 same place a month later).

The world’s fastest time in the 300 meters belongs to South African Wayde van Niekerk with 30.81, set in 2017. Wayde van Niekerk also holds the world record in the 400 meters with 43.03, set when he won Olympic gold in 2016. Usain Bolt has run 300 meters at 30.97. The best European distance record is 31.56, set by Britain’s Douglas Walker 23 years ago.

P.S! Mathias Hove Johansen was second behind Karsten Warholm with 33.26, Fredrik Øvereng third with 33.62.

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