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– I myself have been involved in saying yes to the vaccine.

Elias Åsland and his family had no doubts when this district offered the coronary vaccine at school.

The study tour to Poland was redirected to Trondheim due to the corona epidemic. But Elias Klouman Åsland (15) and his colleagues hope that this syringe means that the next summer vacation will be a trip abroad.

The Majorstuen school music class is among the first high school students in Oslo to be vaccinated. On Thursday, more than 250 students were specifically vaccinated in the school gym. They are among the more than 250,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 15 who will be offered a dose of coronary vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer in Norway in the coming weeks.

In Oslo, several districts have chosen to vaccinate 8th to 10th grade students in schools.

On Friday, the municipality arrived with frescoes vaccination rates. They show that 37 percent of the city’s 12-15 year olds have been vaccinated. This age group should have only one dose.

The Frogner district has halved the vaccine center capacity and now visits school by school. Elias Klouman Åsland (15) is one of those who has now been vaccinated. He admits he’s a little scared of injections.

– I was a little scared, but I just felt a little prick in the arm, he said later in the closet.

The Majorstuen school gymnasium has been converted into a vaccination room.

I had to call the parents

He was one of the last in the music class to enter the waiting room, where students are observed for 20 minutes after being vaccinated.

Before vaccination, all papers had to be reviewed. Parents must complete both a self-declaration and a consent form.

At Majorstuen school, the health nurse had to contact several parents to obtain consent. If the mother and father share parental authority, the consent of both is required.

– It’s a bit challenging when, for example, Dad is in China. But I think most people have done well, says Assistant Principal Linda Snoen.

Majorstuen High School Assistant Principal Linda Snoen is relieved to be on target to vaccinate students in one day. Since the beginning of the school, the challenges have loomed: infection boom, mass testing, and vaccination. – We are so used to a state of emergency that we have taken it with the shoulders down, but we are definitely interested in that the gym is not occupied for more than a day, he says. On Thursday, school employees had to help call the students’ parents without a consent form. Vaccination was performed by district immunization staff.

Concerned about stigma

When the green light was recently given to vaccinate children ages 12-15, the National Institute of Public Health skeptical about vaccination in schools.

The reason is that such an organization can make visible who says yes and who says no to the vaccine supply. The Majorstuen school has tried to avoid this.

– Our contact teachers have been aware of generalizing that someone is not vaccinated. Students have been told that someone has had COVID-19 and does not need a vaccine. Some have underlying diseases and therefore have been vaccinated before, while others have parents who do not want a vaccine. Here it is the families who decide, explains Snoen.

She says the school has been contacted by parents who were concerned about the stigma of those who say no.

– There have been two or three inquiries from parents skeptical of vaccines who were concerned about how we present the information about the vaccination offer in the classes, says the assistant principal.

Decided by myself

Elías recently vaccinated even has a mother who has not been sure about vaccinations. But only on his part.

– We have talked a little about vaccines at home. Dad is fully vaccinated, while Mom has been a bit concerned about the side effects. But I’ve been involved in saying yes to the vaccine myself, says the 15-year-old.

He and his classmates are tired of the pandemic and all the tests done lately. In the last year, both the practice of soccer and music have been limited by infection control. The class was going to take a trip to Krakow in Poland this fall. Due to the pandemic, the trip is heading to Trondheim.

– It’s boring, but I hope the next summer vacation will be a trip abroad.

Elias Klouman Åsland hopes that this week’s vaccine dose is the beginning of the end of the coronary pandemic. – So it has been very boring at times, he says. In the locker room after the vaccination, there were jokes about vaccine conspiracies. Now I’m controlled by a Bill Gates chip, it’s got a lot of meat. On a more serious note, several tell Aftenposten that they are happy to take another dose of vaccine.

Recommend that shared families speak with their GP

Both the health authorities and the Oslo School emphasize that the vaccination of children between 12 and 15 years of age is an offer.

– Students and parents are informed about the vaccine and that vaccination is voluntary, both through the school and the vaccination centers. If there is a disagreement between children and parents, the Health Service recommends that you speak with health personnel, such as your family doctor. Children under 16 are not of medical age, but will be included in the decision, says Oslo School communications director Randi Hagen Eriksrud.

In Oslo, not all young people are vaccinated in schools. In some districts, students are bussed to immunization centers. Children 12 and under who attend elementary school and others who do not use the school’s vaccination offer are encouraged to use the visiting hours at the local vaccination center.

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