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See this table: – Close like hail!

It is extremely uniform on both the top and bottom of the Elite Series table. Only four points separate the top five and only one point between the bottom three.

ELEVATOR FLAG ON TOP: Bodø / Glimt top the Eliteserie table after 1-3 win over Viking Søndag.

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The last time he was even in the bottom three in the table was 34 years ago in 1987.

– It’s as dense as hail!

Bodø / Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen says this to VG after they took to the top of the table after convincing turned the match in Stavanger against Viking On Sunday, and finally won 1-3.

– It’s a bit of a table that we have at the top. Glimt has really woken up and looks better than the whole year, TV 2 soccer expert Jesper Mathiesen tells VG, pointing out the most important pieces of Glimt:

– Amahl Pellegrino has entered and set the whole club on fire. Along with Erik Botheim, Ulrik Saltnes, and Patrick Berg, they really do seem like a hot gold candidate.

But neither Botheim nor Knutsen are overwhelmed by having taken the top of the table.

– We don’t focus on that. We have a lot of games in the fall, and we play game after game and try to improve, says Erik Botheim to VG.

– Eleven games left. I’m looking forward to it, says Knutsen.

Closely followed are the royal blues of the city of roses. Molde had to give points against Vålerenga at Intility, when they played 1-1 in a controversial agreement.

– I still keep Molde as a favorite. They have a solid width in the stable, which will hold up to a final sprint to the finish. Glimt will also come out to play in Europe, says Mathisen.

Soccer commentator Lars Tjærnås also maintains Molde as a gold favorite.

– They have a culture of winning and winning matches on both ends of the field. In time, it will pay off for the gold, Sir Tjærnås to VG and tips Rosenborg in second place and Glimt in third:

– Many of the same arguments as with Molde. Wide stability, good balance in the group where young players have been occupying more and more space, and the advantage of being able to be a hunter – does not change. Glimt may still have the highest top tier, and what they did today was incredibly strong. But they have a tougher schedule than the other top teams because of Europe. I suspect they will wear out more than the others, says the NENT commenter.

There is only one point separating Kristiansund, Rosenborg and Lillestrøm in the places behind, who have a chance to take the league title at the end of the season.

– Kristiansund is an outsider in the golden match. Rosenborg can take it too. When the steam rises, the train is hard to stop, says the old start center stopper and continues:

– Lillestrøm has delivered an adventurous season and delivered more than anyone could hope for. If they take a KBK medal, it is a unique achievement.

Also in the background battle he is even. For Stabæk, it starts to be a joke. The Bærum team has 13 points from 18 games and will have a tough battle to keep their place at the end of the season.

The fire has had one controversial season, and has a point more than Stabæk, but with a more played game.

– After all the chaos in Brann, I was reasonably sure they would go down, but then they got a win against Lillestrøm and now anything is possible, says Mathisen.

Mjøndalen is currently in a qualifying spot, but it is far from safe. They also have one more point than Stabæk, but better goal difference than Brann. The brown-clad ones have a tough match schedule ahead of them with Rosenborg at Lerkendal as the next match.

– I think now it will be a fight between the last four teams. It is completely impossible to predict who will come down, but if he had a gun to his head, he would have responded to Brann and Mjøndalen, says the TV 2 profile.

Tjærnås does not completely agree with that prediction.

– Directly below: Stabæk and Tromsø. It costs too much never to win at home, like Tromsø does. They have not been able to take charge of “ready balls” like tonight, with leadership in matches – and I think the stable is too thin, although they have clear qualities, says the expert and continues:

– Stabæk has gotten stronger, but I still don’t see who will score the number of goals needed for him to finish on the line, even though they have quite a few good facilitators.

– Mjøndalen finishes in qualifying place. I had a win and three points tonight as part of the calculation, but they have shown multiple times that they have the drive, structure, physique and mindset to withstand the pressure of fall when they do what they do. However, I think they have to beat Brann in the next home game and take a lot of points at home to qualify, but I guess they can avoid direct relegation, and Brann can also avoid qualification, is Tjærnås prediction for the position. 13 and 14..

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