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In the form of gold after the retiree’s message: “A brain”

ABOUT FOOTBALL: This could be the fall of Åge Hareide, in his final season.

Life smiles for Åge Hareide (67). Rosenborg has the best form of all the best teams.

On June 25, Rosenborg hit the bottom. They clearly lost to Lillestrøm, and eight Eliteserien teams had better points than them.

“Crisis”. “Depressing”.

Åge Hareide used big words. He did not express himself as someone who wanted to fall asleep, but rather as someone who wanted to sound the alarm.

Maybe it had some effect. Whatever i have something it happened with Rosenborg.

On Sunday, they easily beat Sarpsborg 3-1. RBK is now just four points behind league leaders Bodø / Glimt. And no team has a more positive trend than the Åge Hareide crew.

The best trend of all

On Sunday Molde disappointed, needing a lucky penalty to score a point at Vålerenga. Bodø / Glimt fell behind against Viking, but ultimately achieved victory.

Now it was important to the top of the Elite Series: entertaining, unpredictable and chaotic.

The leadership team is constantly being replaced. The best teams give points like this.

In the middle of the storm, the Hareide RBK ship is heading at a steady pace. While other major teams struggled on Sunday, RBK led 3-0 after a short hour.

They lost to Viking in August. Otherwise they have been flawless in the Elite Series since early July.

It gives them the best form of the six best teams. Rosenborg now shines brighter on the form table. Last seven games:

Rosenborg: 18 of 21 points

Bodø / Glimt: 15 out of 21 points

Kristiansund: 15 of 21 points

Lillestrøm: 13 of 21 points

Viking: 13 of 21 points

Mold: 11 of 21 points

Withdrawn message

When Rosenborg fought, critical voices came in. “Do you really want enough?”wrote Adresseavisen commentator Birger Løfaldli. The question was directed at Hareide.

The surroundings longed for clarification.

July 1 came: Åge Hareide said he would not extend the contract with Rosenborg. Instead, he will retire as a soccer coach.

Since that day, Rosenborg has not lost a football game in the Eliteserien.

And life as the head of RBK now seems anything but depressing. The next retiree sends a young attacking trio that skinns opponent after opponent.

At Sarpsborg, Hareide’s smile lines worked overtime. He grinned from ear to ear as the players cheered in front of the fans.

“A mastermind”

If the success continues, the questions about the retirement plan will arise. But if this is the end of Hareide’s career, he’s groundbreaking to the end.

Against Sarpsborg, Rosenborg suddenly played completely differently, with a baseline and a winger. And suddenly the Swede Stefano Vecchia played as a center back on the field, like a kind of false nine. Vecchia scored two beautiful goals and was the great player of the match.

“A mastermind,” exclaimed Eurosport expert Joachim Jonsson on Hareide.

“We wanted to capture Sarpsborg, counter them and score goals that way,” Hareide explained to Eurosport.

Two parties that can decide

Now Hareide and Rosenborg go for the gold. In the next round of the series, they are clear favorites at home against Mjøndalen.

Although there will be tougher battles, the undefeated series can continue well into the autumn darkness.

Maybe it won’t be until November when we know how far this Rosenborg team can go. Then there are two games on the calendar that stand out:

November 21: Molde-Rosenborg

November 28: Rosenborg-Bodø / Glimt

the may These will be the days when Rosenborg reclaim the throne and give Åge Hareide a perfect ending to his career.

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