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That’s why brann wanted it

Brann picks up no-contract midfielder Vajebah Sakor. Now the midfield game becomes even more difficult in the Stadium.

Vajebah Sakor is ready for Brann.

25-year-old Vajebah Sakor is ready for the fire. He has several age-specific international matches for Norway, but has recently had no clubs.

Sakor is therefore released after the expiration of his contract with Greek club OFI Crete this summer.

– I can play most positions in midfield and I would describe myself as dangerous, says Sakor himself according to

It is the same Brann who confirm the transition. The agreement is valid until the end of the year.

– Sakor has been around for a bit, but from my understanding it has had trouble blooming in full bloom. It can be an exciting signing for Brann, says Erik Huseklepp.

– Overcrowded midfield

– Not sure what Brann gets here?

– At the elite league level, I think they get a usable player. I’m not that worried about it. But they are bringing another player into a packed midfield, says Huseklepp.

Sakor has previously played for Vålerenga.

Sakor made his Norwegian senior soccer debut at age 15 and garnered a lot of attention when he signed for Italian club Juventus. Sakor belonged to Juventus’ recruiting team, but he trained several times with the first team, until he left the club before Christmas in 2017.

He has also played for Vålerenga in the Eliteserien and in other clubs in various countries. For Sweden’s IFK Gothenburg, Sakor has several dozen Allsvenskan matches.

The sports director’s assessment

Athletic Director Jimmi Nagel Jacobsen explains the transition this way:

– It is a difficult autumn with many important and heavy games. When we had the opportunity to acquire Sakor, I think it was something that can provide the quality and experience that we need this fall, says Jacobsen.

Huseklepp calls Sakor a strong and playful midfielder.

– So, as I recall, you have the ability to do a little extra, says Huseklepp.

The Transfermarkt website has the overview showing Sakor’s wandering career so far.

The Ballspark expert does not believe it is inevitable that the many midfield competitors will make up their minds on the competitive situation. In addition to Sakor, Brann has the following midfielders:

  • Daniel Pedersen.
  • Sivert Heltne Nilsen.
  • Kasper Skaanes.
  • Felix Horn Myhre.
  • Petter Strand.
  • Niklas Jensen Wassberg.

In front of “the crowded center of the field”, the sports director says that he lives well with the situation.

– We will have competition in a club like Brann. We also know there will be quarantines and injuries, Jacobsen says.

Another player out of shape

Brann has signed a large number of players in recent years. Also this summer, it has been very hectic on the transition front, in an attempt to strengthen the stable and avoid the decline this fall.

Several of the players who have entered have proven to be far from being able to play games. Sakor has also come a long way without playing a game.

– Are you ready to make a difference right away?

– At least we have had it through our physical test, which is quite strict. He hasn’t played a game in recent months, but we wouldn’t have picked him up if the physical wasn’t in place, says Jimmi Nagel Jacobsen.

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