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Cup exit for Ranheim after penalty shootout

A penalty shoot-out was needed to decide the fate of Ranheim’s cup.

Here, the Aafk players cheer on the advancement of the cup.

Ranheim 1–1 (1-3 on penalties) Aalesund

RANHEIM: Seven minutes into the game came the first chance to score. Sigurd Haugen of Aalesund tried the shot from 20 meters, but goalkeeper Magnus Lenes held on and kicked the ball out.

At the time it was Mads Reginiussen’s turn. He hit the ball just over a meter above Aafk’s goal.

And he kept moving from side to side: in the ninth minute of play, the guests had a great and good opportunity to take the lead.

An ugly turnover signed by Waren Kamanzi led to Aafk having a good transfer opportunity, in overtime.

But Torbjørn Kallevåg’s shot was weak.

Shortly after, Haugen arrived alone, but Lenes stopped attempts at the tango shirts.

It follows 0-0, but a smooth and entertaining start to the game.

Elias Melkersen scored his 10th goal of the season on Wednesday night.

Top scorer with a new goal

Then it narrowed on the shore. Reginiussen found top scorer Elias Melkersen with a scratched post, which he stabbed at 1-0. His tenth goal of the season.

Aafk produced the most scoring chances in the first half and halfway through the first half, the away team applauded the goal. But the jubilant scenes quickly subsided. Haugen, who sent the ball into goal behind Lenes, was correctly thrown offside. Follow 1-0.

Kristoffer Barmen and Aafk coach Lars Arne Nilsen in discussion after the first round.

37 minutes into the game, Simen Bolkan Nordli came within a hair of putting his team ahead, but his fierce shot from the left wing skimmed the strain of the post. But again, this time the ending wasn’t good enough.

Although Aafk was the best and reached many finals, Ranheim’s camp was able to breathe a sigh of relief when the referee sent the teams to half-time. 1-0 after a new goal from Melkersen.

A group of Aafk followers had traveled to Ranheim on Wednesday night.

Aafk Domain

Aafk went straight for the attack in the second half and exploded, and already after a minute, Nordli had a good opportunity on the field. Once again, Lenes avoided his father.

Although Aafk remained the leading team and created the most danger, the home team also held up some useful opportunities initially in the second half.

Ranheim goalkeeper Magnus Lenes had a hectic night at work.

Marcus Mehnert found substitute Vegard Erlien inside the penalty area, but the winger’s shot was weak. Follow 1-0.

Beyond the second half, the guests created plenty of scoring chances, but had a hard time outsmarting goalkeeper Lenes, who played a very good game for the home team.

Here, Aafk’s field applauds the 1-1 in overtime. Substitute Mamadou Diaw was the scorer.

Late settlement

But in overtime, the guests finally got a hole in the boil. And it was fully deserved after Aafk’s dominance throughout the match. Substitute Mamadou Diaw scored 1-1.

After the draw, Aafk continued to push for a new goal, but after regular playing time it was still a draw. Therefore, there were extra tickets.

Personnel competence

Before the first extra inning began, substitute Michael Karlsen had to throw in the towel. The RIL striker was substituted in the 89th minute of play, but immediately received a blow to the head. Ruben Alte was the replacement.

The opening of the first extra inning was quiet. Both teams came to an end, but they were all harmless.

After the first extra round, he was still 1-1.

At the start of the second extra inning, substitute Filip Brattbakk had a good chance from close range. RBK’s hired player tried to get the ball into the goal after a good post from Sivert Solli. But the shot was too weak and crossed the entire field.

Shortly after, understudy Niklas Castro came close to sending the guests to the front, but that finish wasn’t good enough either.

Solli reached several shots, but the RIL player’s attempt lacked both power and precision to outwit goalkeeper Michael Lansing.

Both teams had good chances to decide the match in the extra innings, but after 120 minutes it was still 1-1. So it was clear: everything was going to be decided with a penalty shoot-out.

Lost 1-3 in the penalty shootout

Aalesund won the penalty shootout 3-1 after goals from Quint Jansen, Nikolai Hopland and David Olafsson. Niklas Castro and Simen Bolkan Nordli missed the Aafk players.

Erik Tønne, Daniel Kvande and Vegard Erlien missed their penalty kicks for Ranheim. Only Jakob Tromsdal scored on his penalty kick.

Thus, Aalesund advanced to the fourth round of the cup.

These played the match:

Ranheim: Magnus Lenes; Waren Kamanzi, Daniel Kvande, Mikkel Konradsen Ceide, Erik Tønne; Mads Reginiussen (Michael Karlsen 89 ‘, Ruben Alte 91’), Jakob Tromsdal; Elias Melkersen (Filip Brattbakk 70 ‘), Simon Marklund (Christian Eggen Rismark 70’), Adria Mateo Lopez (Vegard Erlien 46 ‘); Marcus Mehnert (Sivert Solli 70 ‘)

Aalesund: Michael Lansing; Jørgen Hatlehol (Nikolai Hopland 109 ‘), Kristoffer Barmen (Simen Rafn 91’), David Fällman, David Olafsson; Erikson Lima, Erlend Segberg (Quint Jansen 67 ‘); Isak Määttä (Muamer Brajanac 67 ‘), Torbjørn Kallevåg (Niklas Castro 46’), Simen Bolkan Nordli; Sigurd Haugen (Mamadou Diaw 86 ‘).

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